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Bellali Austria

Flamenco dancer

Bellali is a dancer, dance pedagogue and producer from Mexico. She has a master's degree in flamenco pedagogy (dance) from Seville in Spain, and a bachelor's degree in art and dance studies at the National Institute of Fine Arts in Mexico. She studied contemporary dance and modern dance for theater plays for 3 years in the studio of Ema Pulido. 

She has, as well, a bachelor's degree as an interpreter and translator. And a master in "Cultural Management" (Goethe Institute).


Bellali has been dancing and teaching for over 23 years. She has lived in Sevilla, Spain to professionalize in flamenco dance. There she danced with some of her teachers in tablaos, galas and private events.

She lived in Stuttgart Germany for 6 months to dance in tablaos and private events.

She lived in Paris for a year, working as a teacher and dancing at some events.

She lived for 6 months in Fukuoka, Japan for Iberia company, giving classes in three cities and dancing at various events and festivals.

She has also performed on stages and "flamenco tablaos" in several cities around Norway and internationally in several cities and countries such as London, Lisbon, France, Brazil, Cuba, Japan, Germany, Morocco, Mexico, Bali and Spain.


She has lived in Norway for the last 11 years. There she started an international dance company called "Flamenco Ensemble" (today Chaneki). This artistic initiative stems from the need to strengthen flamenco in Norway and to contribute to the exchange of flamenco artists between Norway and the rest of the world. The goal has been to create music and dance performances, educational meetings and socio-cultural workshops through flamenco. 

In 2013, Bellali founded the flamenco association & school «Espacio Flamenco Noruega» (Norges Flamencoforbund) in Oslo.

She founded the Oslo International Flamenco Festival, Mariachi Sol de Oslo, Mexican Day of the Death Festival among other events.


Bellali has taught at several dance schools and held music and dance workshops for both children and adults in many countries.


In Norway she has danced at different events and venues such as the Opera in Oslo and Ballet's annual party, Førdefestival, Oslo World festival, PIT festiva (Porsgrunn)l, Globus Festivalen, Tromsø Summer festival, Transform Festival, Stoppested Verden, Stavanger performance Asgeir & Mo, Ceiba at Moss, has performed at different NRK (national TV) program and series (2017-2022), collaborate with Samspill, Women's Day at DrammenTheater, Barnasverden dager all over Norway and DKS tours at schools and kindergartens. Furthermore, she has staged various performances in collaboration with Nesodden, Oslo  and Tromsø Municipality. 

All her productions:


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