Bettina Flater

Flamenco guitarist

Bettina Flater started working professionally as a musician in 1996. In 2006, she moved to Madrid and began her magical journey in flamenco, which has surpassed anything she ever hoped for. She has worked with the most accomplished artists on the spanish flamenco scene and toured the world with spanish dance companies as well as playing the most beautiful theaters and most prestigious festivals in Spain.

In 2009 began an exciting new chapter. Bettina refound her roots as a songwriter (something she began to do at age 13). She began recording her cd, Women en Mi, formed a group and began to give concerts around Madrid. She has since then played with her group in the opening of the Saint Olav Chapel at Covarrubias, at the Flamenco pa Tós festival, and in a number of venues in and outside of Madrid. She continues playing traditional flamenco and also is involved in several fusion projects, but the project closest to her heart is her own, Women en Mi.