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Flamenco singer

He was born in the Seville neighborhood of Bellavista and began his artistic training as a flamenco singer through competitions, gatherings, dance academies and musical encounters, although he has also worked as an actor. He is considered a versatile singer, with

scenic qualities that allow him to perform from traditional productions to avant-garde shows. He has worked in dance and theater companies, as well as in tablaos, concert and rehearsal halls. From 1999 to 2004 he was part of Pepe Moreno's Andalusian Theater and Ballet, with which he learned the disciplines of ballet, developing theater shows, Spanish classical and flamenco. In the summers of 2001 and 2003 he traveled to England with the guitarist Daniel Cortés to join El Nombre, a band created and based in Liverpool that combined Hindu, jazz and flamenco music, with whom he played in various concert halls, alternative festivals and theaters. At that time he participated in the Andalusian Music Workshop certified by the "Tetuan Association for Music". He also trained under the tutelage of great flamenco singers: Paco Taranto, Miguel Poveda, Rafael de Utrera, Laura Vital and Manuel de Paula. He founded two groups: Tacón de Aguja, of flamenco, in 2006 and Sin Mangas, of reggae, bolero and chá chá chá, in 2007. In turn, he began to perform in almost all the Sevillian tablaos and to give recitals as a soloist in clubs. flamenco and festivals. In 2005 he began his career as a professional singer in national and international dance companies. He travels to Russia and Denmark. In January 2006 he goes to Japan for the first time with the Yurico Yoda Company to mount and perform the play Ama at the Aichi Arts Center theater, a play performed by more than 150 musicians and dancers. In 2006 he sings at the Tablao Las Tablas in Madrid. In 2007 he performed representing Andalusia at the “Arab Year Opening Festival”, in the Dome of Algiers, together with the singer Hamidou, accompanied by a great classical-oriental orchestra, a concert that was broadcast live on television in all countries. Arabs. That same year he entered the program of the Tablao Flamenco Los Gallos, which

will become his alma mater. In September, he embarks with the Compañía Buho y Maravillas on the staging of a children's play in a flamenco key, called Los musicians de Brenes, in which he developed as a narrator, actor and singer, with more than 170 performances on stage throughout Spain. , France and Japan, in a period of three years. In 2009, with the same company, they created a new puppet show called The Wizard of Oz, in which he sings manipulating puppets, in twenty shows by cycles in Andalusia and the Basque Country. He participated for the first time in the Flamenco Biennial of Seville in 2010, at the Central Theater, with the show An cá Paula by singer Manuel de Paula, who requested him to sing for the dance and songs of Lebrija together with his family and artists. guests of the stature of José Valencia, Paco Cortés, Manuela Ríos or Ramón Martínez. Within the “100 years of cante” cycle of the Seville Flamenco Biennial 2012, he performs alongside maestro Manuel Márquez “El Zapatero” in the Santa Clara space. That year he also participated in the Mont de Marsan Flamenco Festival with the Brenes musicians and taught courses. He appears in the Festival program

"Cosmopoetics" of Córdoba 2012, with the

show In a clearing of time, with the poet Carmen Camacho, the narrator Jesús Vigorra and the violinist Leslie Jordan. He also worked as a soloist at the Tunis Medina Festival in 2012 and at Les nuits du ramadan in Casablanca and Aman in 2013. That same year he participated in the Calgary International Flamenco Festival, sharing the stage with Olga Pericet and giving cante and compás, and premiered the show Qué saber el reló de ná, at the Dublin Flamenco Festival. In 2014 he sang at “II Encuentro Flamenco Popular en Sevilla”, and shortly after he was requested by the Malaga guitarist Daniel Casares, in his work Guernica 75, which was premiered

at the Cervantes Theater in Malaga, and later at the Central Theater in Seville and in the theaters of Guernica, Bilbao and in the south of France. In 2015, with the same guitarist, he participated in the Toulouse Flamenco Festival with the show Picassares. That same year he participated in the Tomate blues of Los Palacios and Vfca. with his band Juan Murube Flamenco Swing. In 2016 he worked at the Sicilian Noto International Festival and at the Zoco Andalusí festival, in Huétor-Tájar. On May 19 of that year, he presented his first

disc, Bellavista, within the series "Cita con las Músicas" of the Cajasol Foundation. Likewise, throughout his career he has made multiple collaborations, and shared the stage with flamenco artists of the stature of Márquez "El Zapatero", "La Cañeta", Enrique el Extremeño, Andrés Peña, Rafael Campallo, Rosario Toledo, Pepe Torres

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