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Lasse Grøftehauge Jensen (b. 1981). Flamenco guitarist specializing in fusion between flamenco and jazz, latin and Danish folklore. 


Guitarist, arranger and conductor of the flamenco jazz trio Visa Versa and the flamenco latin quartet El Perito Cuatro.


Since 1997, Lasse Grøftehauge Jensen has worked as a guitarist, composer and arranger in various flamenco, pop, rock and jazz bands and orchestras as well as classical ensembles. Since 2001 he has stayed in Spain for extended periods and studied flamenco guitar at, among others, Fundación Cristina Heeren del arte flamenco in Seville, Escuela Superior de la Música de Cataluña in Barcelona and Carmen de las Cuevas in Granada with maestros such as Gerardo Nuñez, Dani de Moron, Diego del Morao, Rafael Cañizares and Paco Cortés. Moreover he has studied the Cuban tres in Havana and Trinidad, Cuba.


His musical collaborators include among others saxophonist Hans Ulrik, arranger Kathrine Windfeld, flamenco dancers El Torombo and Manuela Vargas as well as singers Erik Grib, Claus Hempler, Andrea Pellegrini, Rasmus Dissing and Emilio Ulises Arp (Son Puntillas).


In addition, Lasse Grøftehauge Jensen has a Master degree in musicology and Spanish philology from the University of Copenhagen and the University of Barcelona, ​​specializing in musical change processes, identity construction and management of tradition in flamenco.


Since 2011 he has taught music and Spanish at Roskilde Gymnasium and conducts workshops, lectures and study trips on flamenco for students and teachers at high schools, colleges and music schools. He has developed educational material about

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