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Sara Holgado

Flamenco singer

Sara Holgado’s family come from Olvera, Cádiz, and as many Andalusians at the time, they emigrated to Catalonia where, in 1984, Sara was born.  Soon after, the family moved once again, this time to Alicante, and 15 years later they returned to Andalusia.  Once settled, Sara set out for Seville to pursue higher education at the University of Seville School of Fine Arts, and later Palermo, Italy, before finishing a postgraduate degree in Visual Arts and Education in Granada.

At the same time, her intense passion for ‘el cante’ (Flamenco singing) and Flamenco fusion pushed her to search for new ways to immerse herself in the music.  This passion, coinciding with her family’s return to Andalusia, led her to study the art form in her own time, and later more formally in Granada, where she received instruction from Flamenco ‘cantaores’ (singers) such as Mayte Martín.  At the age of 25, she returned to Seville to continue studying at dance schools with Ángel Atienza, Andrés Marín and Ursula López, and with the master ‘cantaores’ Paco Taranto, Lole Montoya, Juan Peña El Lebrijano and Juan José Amador.

Sara has toured abroad as a singer for a variety of projects, such as the Flamenco Festival Oslo 2017 (Norway), Islamabad International Dance Festival 2014 (Pakistan), and the Andalucias Atlanticas Essaouira Festival 2012 (Morocco).  She has presented other pieces with the visual artist Violeta Caldrés “Los pájaros cantan flamenco” (Birds sing flamenco) at the Fez Ramadán 2014 (Morocco) and formed part of 2016 Ricardo Blume Theater performance of “Te quiero, Muerte” (I love you, Death) in Lima (Peru).  Her work has also brought her to Japan, Italy, Austria, Germany, Algeria, France and Sweden.

In Seville, she works in ‘tablaos‘ (Flamenco venue) and other flamenco spaces.  She is currently preparing to record her first album at Estudio Uno in Madrid after winning the Trilogías competition, which will air in 2019.

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