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More than 20 years of percussive life, Arnaud Clerc cultivated his versatility and always followed various musical traditions.

His studies are from Cuba, Africa, graduated under Jazz and Afro-Cuban Percussion at the National Conservatory of Lille Region (France). From 2009 to 20015 he specialized in flamenco at Sevilla. There he followed the teachings of the greatest masters of cajon, palmas and dance Ramón Porrina, Piraña, Paquito Gonzalez, Isidro Suarez. He has performed and learn from Torombo, David "el Gamba", Andrés Peña, Rocío Molina, Concha Vargas, Leonor Leal, Carmen Ledesma y Juana Amaya.

He has collaborated with international important artists of World Music: Lokua Kanza, Martha Galarraga, Hassan Boussou, Yuri Buenaventura, Encarna Anillo , Ba Cissoko and worked at the biggest European and International festivals. Encarna and José Anillo, Chiqui Cienfuegos, Antonia Fernández, Isaac Barbero, Leonor Leal, and Ian Scionti Trio among others.


Pedagogy in flamenco rhythm:  
Encouraged by Andrès Peña and Leonor Leal, has developed the rhythmic teaching program for flamenco dancers: Mis Pies Mis Percusiones given in different countries. More information about it:ónes-325008587079/

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