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Francois Taillefer

Flamenco percussionist

For over twenty-five years, François Taillefer has been passionate for music and percussion from around the world and different eras. His interest for flamenco and arabo-andalusian music was discovered through his numerous trips and musical experiences in Spain and Northern Africa. He attended various percussion workshops with Manu Masaedo, Ramon Porrina, Israel “el Piraña” Suarez, Lolo “el Pajaro”, Nan Mercader and David “el Gamba”. He performed with many flamenco artists from Spain such as the dancer Juan Polvillo and the guitar player Andres “el Pituquete” Hernandez. François is currently living in the north of France performing with Antonio Segura’s Oleo Ensemble, the young and talented singer Esteban Murillo, the musical ensemble Odisea composed of Oscar Lago, Ole Andre Farstad and Ismael Alcina, and on the different productions of La Guardia Flamenca Company. Multiple grant holder from the Conseil des Arts et Lettres du Québec and the Canadian Council for the Arts, François is a curious and open minded musician who never hesitates to explore intriguing ideas and new frontiers.

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