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Las tres acacias, text translations:


...although you can't see it now because it's dark. There is no light because

when the sun rises I prefer to lower the blinds so as not to see it. So that

he doesn't see us if he looks for us. And that's why we sleep during the

day. Even though we haven't gotten out, we have never gotten lost in the

labyrinth. You just stopped walking, and we just sat here, looking out,

enjoying the taste of having managed to find the exit and lucky to have

done it together. And when we stand up again I will take you by both

hands so that you do not get scared by the vertigo of the steps drawn with

a thick pencil on the pavement, and so that you do not trip over the rays

of the sun that filter through the hidden senses, and we will be able to

dodge the stones that threaten our glass skeleton in slow motion.

And although fragile, we will keep it clean and transparent... as always.

And even though it has stopped raining, due to the climatic precipice and

so many other excesses - although I don't know when - don't worry

because every three days, two when the waves are hot, I fill the wide-

mouth glass with water and give it to drink from the palm tree. The one

that grew and died, grew and died, and one day it stopped dying and only


(Alejandro Domingo Bazán)


You see, life is a glory; we don't die,

a flame sustains us. Are

spreading clay for love: we resurrect.

Your skin has the glow of the new day,

Don't look, love, but amazement.

How much I know about you, I know about me

— oh, these dove eyes.

You see, I have opened the window, the night

It's a glory. And what to say, love,

If the sin belongs to both,

if love is our home.

(Manuel Salinas)



I look at yesterday without seeing,

I look like a mask,

how to look in blindness,

or, perhaps, oblivion.

Now, only fear,

fierce fear among my names,

a vast, silent, cold fear;

a fear that remembers, merciless,

suffer dark of scared girl.

But it was light, then,

that being of my mother where

dawn dawned.

(Rosaura Álvarez)

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