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Thetis Misiou

Flamenco dancer

Born in Athens, she started dancing at the age of five. She was first introduced to flamenco at the age of fourteen and four years later she moved to Seville to study next to the most acclaimed flamenco dancers such as: Torombo, Farruca, Pilar la Faraona, Juan de Juan, Marco Jimenez, Farru, Luisa Chicano, Juan de los Reyes, Andres Peña, Rafael Campallo, Adela Campallo,Saray de los Reyes, Pili Ortega, Manuela Rios, Manuela Reyes (Mantón), Angeles Gabaldon, Alicia Marquez (Bata de cola). 


She also has worked with contemporary flamenco dancers and choreographers such as: Andres Marin, Ursula Lopez, Belen Maya, Leonor Leal, Patricia Guerrero, Ana Morales, Monica Iglesias(Castañuelas). Also in Madrid attending with: Alfonso Losa, Maria Torres(Palillos), Marco Flores, Jesus Fernandez, Belen Lopez, David Paniagua, Alejandro Granados. 

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