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Antonio El Tabanco

Flamenco dancer

Antonio El Tabanco was born in Jaén (Andalusia), April 27, 1978 and began his dance studies at the early age of 7 at the Antonio Jaén Dance Academy. He became part of the Ballet and travelled through Andalusian region for 4 years.


Later he became part of the Hnos. Raez company, performing both as a dance troupe and as a soloist for 3 years.

He entered the Superior Conservatory of Spanish Dance and Dramatic Art of Córdoba where he studied Spanish dance up to the Superior level. At the same time he was part of the Ballet Zarabanda, a Spanish dance ballet with which he traveled in all Spain.


Years later he became part of the Esencias Andaluzas Flamenco Company, choreographed by Vicente Fernández with whom he took general classes for a while. With this company he made two month tours of Taiwan with two flamenco performances: "Evita" based on the biography of Eva Perón, where he played the character of Che Guevara, and "Bodas de Sangre" by Federico García Lorca where he played the father of the bride.


In 1999, at the age of 21, he moved to Seville where he continued his flamenco training and took regular classes with ALEJANDRO GRANADOS, JUAN DE LOS REYES, EL TOROMBO, MANUEL BETANZOS, JAVIER CRUZ, ANGEL ATIENZA, ANTONIO CANALES, MERCEDES RUIZ, JAVIER LATORRE and JOSELITO FERNANDEZ.


In the year 2006 he entered the Oscar Guzmán Flamenco Group in which he made several tours, including the one at Czech Republic and Poland working both as a soloist and  a the Company.

He joined the Grupo Flamenco Plateados and he participated in the Almansour formation, which fuses flamenco with different types of music such as jazz and Arabic music, accompanying all this with teaching.


He participated in February 2008 in the Oulu Flamenco Festival (Finland) presenting a flamenco show with Kati "La Zíngara". He also teached one-week courses at intermediate and higher levels.

At the end of February 2008, he took part as the protagonist in the premiere of the work "La Luz con el Tiempo Inside..." inspired by the life and work of the Andalusian poet Juan Ramón Jiménez at the Gran Teatro de Huelva, embodying the figure of the Nobel Prize-winning poet and garnering excellent criticism both for his dance and for his interpretive qualities.

Together with his group, he presented the show "Alma de Luz" in Seville in November 2008, obtaining great success and very good reviews.

During the months of January and February 2009 he worked at the flamenco tablao "Tablao de la Chus", in Almería.


At the end of September 2009 he traveled to Japan to give courses in Tokyo and perform several performances in Fukuoka, Saga and Tokyo.

In December 2009 he tought courses in Thessaloniki (Greece) at the flamenco dance studio  "Pellizco" .


He toured at Venezuela in April 2010, presenting his show at the El Jaleo Flamenco Hall in Caracas and at the Ambrosio Oropeza Auditorium in Barquisimeto, having excellent reviews. He was teaching Intermediate and Professional Level Courses in both cities and on Isla Margarita.

In July 2010 he presented his show "Alma de Luz, Corazón Jondo .." on Isla Margarita, obtaining great success.

In December 2010 he returned from a teaching tour to Venezuela and gave courses in Italy, specifically in the city of Latina.


During 2011 and 2012 he regularly returns to Venezuela and Italy to teach courses and precisely in Latina (Italy). He danced  in the show of the "Mediterranean Culture" company called "Duende y Compas". Presenting the show "Folklore Mediterraneo" in which he collaborates as a choreographer in the flamenco part and which premieres in June 2012.


In 2013 he traveled to Panama to participate in the show "Flamenco a Dos" by Bailaora Anita Loynaz and from there to Costa Rica teaching courses and masterclasses.

In the middle of 2013 he travels to Maracaibo (Venezuela) to participate in the Flamenco-Symphonic Work “Carmen” with the “La Macarena” School in which he plays the role of “Don José”, achieving for the first time in the Latin American country a flamenco show with a philharmonic.


In 2014 he continues his educational work in different parts of the country and works at the Tablao Flamenco El Quinqué de Ronda (Málaga).


In 2015 he moved to Jaén and created his own Flamenco Art School El Tabanco with which he formalized his teaching work in Spain, creating shows such as “Despacito y a Compás”, “Jaén por Bandera”, “Zambomba Flamenca”, “Alfa & Omega ”, “Silver Night”, “From the Guadalquivir to the Orinoco”.

Also in this year he founded in Latina (Italy) the Flamenco School-Company “Renacer Flamenco” premiering in October 2016 his first show “Por Amor al Arte”.

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