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Gurumbé –

Afro-Andalusian Memories

a film by Miguel Ángel Rosales

Place: Cinemateket

Date: August 24th, 2017

Hour: 18:00

Tickets: cinemateket

With great honor we inaugurate the International Flamenco Festival with the documentary directed by Miguel Ángel Rosales and hosted by Cinemateket.


Spain. 2016. 72 mins. Spanish, Portuguese with English subtitles.



Flamenco is synonymous with Spanish culture. Since its inception, theorists have sidelined the fundamental contribution of Afro-Andalusians. Commercial exploitation of the American colonies brought hundreds of Africans to Seville to be sold as slaves, forming a population who over time managed to gain space in a society wrought with racial prejudices. Music and dance were a fundamental part of their expression and the most important affirmation of their identity. As the black population began to disappear from Spain in the late 19th century, so too did their contribution to this extraordinary art form. In Gurumbé, their story is finally told.

Miguel Ángel Rosales is an Andalusian anthropologist and documentary filmmaker. His short films La Maroma (2011) and Atrapados al vuelo (2012) have won several awards around the world, including Cortos for Caracoles (Spain), Bahía Blanca (Argentina), Latinoamerican Festival (Argentina) and Luz en los márgenes (2013). Gurumbé is Miguel’s first feature film.

* There will be a special concert and seminar related to the documentary on Sunday 27th at 17:00 hosted by Melahuset, check our programme.

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