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Noelia Vicente Vargas


Noelia is one of the most outstandings and versatile artists at this moment, considered unique in its genre. She is the only flamenco dancer and choreographer to became UNICEF ambassador thanks to her unique talent and vision of flamenco and art in general, opening the limits through other languages, adding to the dance other ways of expression like a singer and composer. Her rebellious and curious personality, lead her to experience success and fame with her project "Gitanos".
With her own Company she created the shows "Flamentap" Flamenco fetauring Bronx and "Entre Flamencos" receiving several awards. Noelia also had a long career as a soloist with important artists and Companies like Manuela Vargas and maestro José Granero, Paco Peña, guitarist Francisco Prieto "Currito" winner of the prestige “XXI Concurso Nacional de Arte Flamenco de Córdoba”, Joaquin Cortes, Angel Pericet among others.
She was a teacher at the “Fundacion Conservatorio Flamenco Casa Patas” in Madrid and has taught classes around the world as the National School of Dance, Institute Fine Arts.

Twitter: NoeliaGitanos
Instagram: NoeliaGitanos
Youtube(GITANOS Channel): GitanosOle

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