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Danish singer



A very famous and important Danish singer. Today established as a unique artist with precision and extreme cohesion has found his very own sound and musical universe.



The new generation of Danish-language rock and blues


"Everyone knows it is now,

They look up to the light ”

... Sing in the title track "Look up". The album is the third in a row from the trio and this very line is a common thread for the mood that is repeated throughout the album. It is a positive and loving spirit that meets the recipient through the speaker, and the presence in the music that creates the space between Dissing and Las and their audience.

Where the two previous album releases "Lige Præcis" (2008) and "Balladen Med Bartof" (2010) have moved into a more melancholic universe, "Kig Op" is characterized by happy love, optimism and consistently well-played feel-good moods.


Through the last years' releases and concerts, Dissing and Las have played themselves up to the trinity and musical ability they possess in a class of their own. On their new release "Look Up", they have created an album of new tones and whimsical lyrics, without losing the legacy of the older Dissing. It can still be heard as beautiful and loving undertones on all the band's tracks.


They endured their first musical apprenticeship with Povl Dissing, and when a few years ago they chose to stand on their own two feet under the name Dissing & Las, they immediately proved that they belong to the absolute top within the new generation of Danish-language rock and blues musicians . With the two albums 'Lige Præcis' (2008) and 'Balladen med Bartof' (2010) in the bag, Las Nissen and the brothers Rasmus and Jonas Dissing have really established their name in the general public, and the trio is today established as a unique device that with precision and extreme cohesion has found its very own sound and musical universe.

With their two releases, the new generation of the Dissing family has already garnered lots of critical acclaim from Danish reviewers for bringing their own unique expression into play. At the same time, their texts provide an intelligent, relevant and nuanced picture of today's Denmark. The legacy of the older Dissing lies as a beautiful and loving tone at the bottom of the trio's lyrics and sound, but with renewed vigor they have set in, and Dissing & Las are in these years in the shape of their lives as songwriters and musicians.


Rasmus Dissing has been a singer in Dissing and the Flamenco Legends since 2017, which is a group created by Kirstine Hastrup and the Flamenco Theater. Group is a meeting between Rasmus Dissing and other well-known Danish artists and some of Spain's best flamenco artists, such as Jose Suarez El Torombo, Eugenio Iglesias, Guillermo El Manzano, Jairo Barull, Manuela Vargas and others.

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